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Easter celebration in Armenia 2019

Easter in Armenia is one of the most exciting and colorful holidays. From egg fights to reviving the Christian roots of the event, Easter celebrations are fascinating in the country. The main holiday of the spring season is upon us! 

How is Easter Normally Celebrated? 

People like to prepare for Easter (Zatik in Armenian) in advance. Many families will grow wheat, lentil or use any other grain that sprouts, and on the day of Easter they will put eggs on the grass to make them look more colorful and presentable. Egg colorings are sold virtually everywhere in the country - though many people still prefer coloring with natural ingredients, such as using skins of red onions. 

The egg fights are the kids’ most favorite part of the holiday - you hit your so-called opponent’s boiled egg on both sides, and whoever wins gets to play with others with the same egg, eventually having one winner in the game with the strongest egg. In terms of main dishes, there is fish served along with rice pilaf made with a bunch of raisins. Sweet bread is also part of the traditional menu. 

How Is The Church Involved? 

As the first nation to adopt Christianity back in 301 AD, Armenia puts a big emphasis on Easter as an important holiday in the religion. Many people will go for lenten fasting 40 days before the holiday, by eliminating food of animal origin from their diet and keeping themselves away from sins. Nowadays, there are many appropriate restaurant menu options for this time of the year. 

One-week prior is Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem and was greeted with a glorious celebration. This Sunday, every church is decorated with flowers and palm branches. People buy crowns made of these branches and wear them all around. 

On the day of Easter, the churches are full of different celebrations and liturgies. People greet each other by saying “Christ is risen” and receive the answer “Blessed is the resurrection of Christ.”

This year, Easter is celebrated on April 21 and the holiday is just around the corner! Special liturgy is traditionally held at the Main Church - the Ejmiatsin Cathedral. People will attend the event with their families to receive blessings and reflect back on their lives as Christians.

They generally believe in the importance of Easter not only by its religious meaning but also look at it as a crucial chance to have another get together with their families and mark the beauty and colors of spring. See the true colors of this holiday and book your Holy Easter tour with us at Caucasus Holidays!