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Vardavar | The Famous Water Fest in Armenia

Armenians have many traditional celebration days. One of the most pleasant and satisfying festivals to celebrate on a hot sunny day is Water festival in Armenia, or so-called Vardavar. The main activity of the fest is pouring water on your family, friends, and everybody around you. Also it is totally normal and allowed to douse strangers with water from plastic bottles in the streets.

Vardavar is usually celebrated on the 98th day of Easter. Although now a Christian tradition, celebrating the transfiguration of Jesus Christ, Vardavar's history dates back to pagan times. The ancient festival is traditionally associated with Astghik, the goddess of water, beauty and love. The name of the festival comes from Armenian Vard, which means “rose”. People were giving roses to Astghik as a symbol of love and dedication.

People of all ages come to public lakes and fountains, get into them, and the whole city starts partying. You can join the celebration at any time.

Don’t be surprised to see people pouring buckets of water from balconies on unsuspecting strangers walking below them. Watch out!

The festival is especially popular among children as they are allowed to prank elder people and not get punished. Walking near the residential buildings you will see a big noisy company of kids running along the yard and pouring water over each other. Just pay attention to their happy wet faces. Isn’t it lovely?

But! If you want to stay dry never go out on Vardavar in Armenia because there is almost a 100 percent chance you’ll get wet. You’d better have a water gun with you to be able to “defend” yourself because you never know when the fun begins. No one takes offense for being showered outdoors on that day because usually it is very hot in July in Armenia. Some people wouldn’t refuse to be poured with water and would even thank you for making them feel fresh and cool a little bit.

There are many regions and villages that celebrate Vardavar on a whole other level. They go out for a barbeque near a lake or any other place with water. Both old and young people take part in watering each other.

Vardavar is the most waited day of summer and the funniest of all festivals in Armenia. This year the fest was celebrated on Sunday, July 28 Book your trip with Caucasus Holidays to take part in this amazing fest for the next year.