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Festivals You Should Not Miss, When in Armenia

Holidays and festivals in Armenia are a big deal. They are not only celebrated by the locals but they also attract many visitors around the world. From film festivals to celebrating national pastries and wine, Armenia has a fun celebration in store for every season.

Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival

Established about 15 years ago, Golden Apricot Film Festival has become one of the most famous festivals not just for Armenia but for the cinematography around the world. The annual event gathers many new as well as established directors and producers to celebrate their work, promote creativity and originality in the area of cinema and video art. In the list of the festival attendees are usually many prominent celebrity directors, producers and actors.
The festival is held each year in July.

Gata festival

Are you a sweet tooth? Do you like Armenian pastries? Held in the beautiful Khachik village in Vayots Dzor, Gata Festival showcases the authentic process of making this luscious pastry, plus - you get to try not one, not two, but so many kinds of gata! During the festival in 2017, the world’s largest gata was baked and it later became a part of Guinness Book of World Records. For each year, the location is flexible but the region is primarily Vayots Dzor. The festival is held each year in September.

Areni Wine Festival

If you are a wine person, then Armenia is the perfect country to visit. Whether it is white, red, or rosé, the Areni Wine Festival has a variety of wine brands represented in one place, so you definitely will not be running out of choices! The location of the event is symbolic: Areni village in Vayots Dzor region is currently known as one of the major homes of winemaking in the country, and it is next to the Areni Cave, which is considered the world’s oldest cradle of wine.
The festival is held each year in October.

Yerevan Colour Run

The perfect weather for a running event in Armenia is fall. So, if you are in the capital, grab your running shoes and a white t-shirt because participating in Yerevan Color Run is a must! Part of the worldwide movement of color runs, the event that brings people from around the world is Yerevan’s brightest and most colorful festival. After the run itself, the second part consists of the colorful party which brings all the runners in one place to have fun and celebrate.
The festival is held annually in September.


Vardavar is more of a holiday than an organized festival in the summer and it is so much fun! Though originally connected to pagan times and then the Christian faith, Vardavar has now become the favorite holiday of all people. No matter where you are in Armenia, you will see people throw buckets of water at each other at their local districts, towns and villages. You can also celebrate the holiday in bigger settings, such as going to Garni Temple, or joining big groups in the Swan Lake or the Republic Square.
Vardavar is celebrated every year in the summertime.

Join some (or all!) of these festivals in Armenia and experience the warm spirit of the people first hand. Taste delicious food, throw buckets of waters at others, or run all covered in colors. Plan your adventures with us at Caucasus Holidays!