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10 Things You Should Know if You Are a Guest in an Armenian Family

If you are in Armenia, it is very likely that people will invite you to their household. This is an accepted tradition because Armenians love to talk to others and tell them about their homeland. So, what should you know if you are guest in an Armenian family?

You are more than a guest in Armenian family

Armenians are extremely hospitable. So, if they invite you over, they perceive you as family, even if you may not meet again another time. Armenians will treat you as family too - they will do their best to make you feel at home and will not take any hesitation from your side. 

There will be food and a lot of it 

Whenever Armenians have someone over in their house, all of a sudden, in several minutes, they create this magical meal table, full of all sorts of delicious food. It is like they are always aware of their upcoming guests! 

If you are at someone’s house as a guest especially in the regions, every dish is homemade, with organic ingredients, and trust us...there is nothing you will not want to try and taste. 

And you can’t say “no”, if they offer you more food

The thing about Armenians is that because they take their guest as family, they are constantly worried about them being hungry. That is why they will regularly make sure that you are eating and you actually like the food that is on the table. So, they will fill your plate with more food for you to try! And let’s face it - Armenian food is too delicious for you to even attempt to say no. 

There will be toasts and too many of them 

If there is food, there will also be all sorts of drinks. And with drinks, come a lot of toasts. Armenians really value family. They make a toast, when they sit down at the table to greet each other, they make a toast to honor their parents, their kids, their aunts and uncles. They will make a toast to honor you - their guest! If you are feeling brave, make your own toast and thank the hosts for the warm welcome. 

Drinking coffee after a meal is a whole ritual

Armenian coffee comes in a very small cup but along with the coffee come way too many desserts and conversations. It is very common for Armenians to have a cup of coffee (or two) at their household every day, and sometimes if they want to have fun, they might try and guess your fortune with the shapes left in the cup from your coffee.  

If there is music, you have to dance 

After the food and dessert is done, it is very likely your hosts may want to play Armenian music and dance with you. Don’t be shy! Even if you have never heard Armenian music, or don’t know how to dance, just join the group and they will teach you. Armenians love their culture and are proud of their music and dances - so as a tourist you are absolutely encouraged to give it a try! 

You will be asked a lot of questions 

We understand, you may not like to be asked too many questions. But let’s face it - this is Armenia we are talking about. People are curious, so as a way to show affection and being close to you, they will ask you a lot of questions. They will ask about your country, what made you come to Armenia, what you do back home and more. 

And you should be prepared to answer all of them 

They don’t just let these questions go - they are genuinely interested in your answers! So, take it as a good sign. They are invested to learn more about you and who you are. 
Though things are changing now, Armenia is still very much so a monoethnic country - so, a lot of people may not have been exposed to other cultures and you might be their first interaction with the country and heritage you come from. 

You will be asked if you like Armenia 

The most common question of all is people are curious to hear others talk about Armenia and their impressions of it. So, be prepared to be asked this question many many times. 

And you will figure out the answer by yourself

We won’t tell you what to answer to this question because we want you to experience the country and form your own opinions. Then you will have the answer for yourself!

Armenia is a country of nice people with big and warm hearts who will do everything to make your trip as special as possible, even just contributing by inviting you to their house. 

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