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All About Armenian Bread

It is obvious that bread is a staple to any kitchen in any country of the world. Armenians especially love having bread with any of their meals and even just eat it by itself.
So, what are the traditional bread types in Armenia and which ones should you give a try? 

The Famous Flatbread - Lavash 

This is the most famous Armenian bread and you can eat it with no guilt. Lavash is a thin oval flatbread. It is rolled out and hit on the walls of a hot clay oven (in Armenian called tonir). Traditionally made by women, the process of preparing lavash is of an interest to foreigners who besides watching the professionals also try to roll out the bread themselves. 

Many dishes in Armenia are accompanied by only lavash and it is an absolute staple to both everyday and fancy occasions. It is almost of a cultural value of the country’s identity. 

There are some slight variations but the basic recipe for lavash is very simple - flour, water and salt and because it’s flat and thin it is very easy to get trapped and eat too much of the bread (although, for Armenians, there is no such thing as too much lavash).

Another Staple for the Table - Matnakash 

Another famous bread in Armenia is called Matnakash which has a totally different taste and texture but is not any less delicious. Mat in Armenian means finger and kashel means to pull, and the bread does look like one has pulled with their fingers to create a pattern.

The bread has been a massive hit in Armenia for a very long time and with its massive popularity, there have been created many variants and different patterns of it. It is much thicker than lavash and yeast is used during the preparation of the bread.

The golden brown crust from the outside and the softness on the inside will make you devour this delicious bread, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven. Have the bread with cheese, with your meal, or even just by itself - every form is acceptable! 

Ready for More? Try Some Katah 

Katah (or Gata) is that sweet addition that you will need with your coffee or tea after a nice meal. This sweet bread has so many varieties in different communities in Armenia and abroad, in the diaspora, that it is hard to count all of them.

There are various shapes, sizes and fillings inside the pastry, so there isn’t one specific way of making it. One very popular filling inside the bread is khoriz, made of butter sugar and flour, sometimes also added with some nuts. The bread’s consistency is usually very thick, so if you buy a big round katah from the locals in the regions, it will feel very heavy. 

There is also a tradition, especially during the family celebrations, to keep a coin inside the bread. Whoever gets the piece with the coin will have good luck for that year. So, if you are lucky enough to get the coin, you know, maybe wish for more delicious katah! 

With the countless variety of Armenian breads in their shapes, sizes, tastes and textures, it is undeniable that you will enjoy (and maybe have too much of) these mentioned bread types.

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