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Why Armenia?

Reasons to visit Armenia

Reasons to Visit Armenia

It is impossible to name all the reasons that people are traveling to Armenia. With its rich and dramatic history, ancient culture, delicious cuisine, amazingly hospitable people Armenia attracts visitors because of variety of reasons. Here we bring a few to your attention.

  • History

   Being one of the most ancient cultures in the world, Armenia is rich of historical sightseeing, such as museums, churches, monasteries, ancient castles and buildings. It is known to the world as the first Christian country, yet there are far more treasures and attractions to discover here.

  • Food

   Armenia's culinary traditions are as old as the country's history. The cuisine is full of diverse delicacies; from rich-flavored dishes and fresh fruits and veggies to the sweetest desserts.

  • Culture

   Armenia is the perfect mix between the East and the West. Art and architecture in Armenia reflect on both - traditions and modernity. Having one of the richest cultures in the world, Armenia offers a significant amount of entertainment in every aspect despite its geographical location and size.

  •  Nature

   From mountains to rivers and lakes, Armenia has spectacular spots where the breeze of fresh air will take anyone away from reality. Country’s extremely diverse wildlife and flora is an opportunity to explore the regions nature through various activities including adventure and sightseeing.




  • Adventure

   For those that are fond of extreme activities and like experiencing the rush of adrenaline, Armenia has to offer several options. The landscape and the nature of the country are highly suitable for hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, paragliding. In fact, the longest ropeway in the world is in Tatev, which is an opportunity to experience the nature from a different perspective and visit the Monastery of Tatev.

  • Hospitality

  Armenians in their nature are one of the most hospitable nations in the world. Anyone and everyone are always welcomed warmly by the locals.

  • Wine & Brandy

    Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world. It is known to produce some of the finest wine and brandy in the market.

  • Religion

   Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its state religion. The first church in the world was also built in Armenia. It is a perfect destination for religious and historical explorers.

  • Safety

According to the Worldtravelguide.com,  Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world, where one can easily travel with their family or alone with a peace of mind.

  • The Velvet Revolution

   Armenia became a nation of its kind to be able to start and successfully finish a revolution without a bullet fired, by propagating peace, love, and respect. Due to this, the country is flourishing rapidly by also serving as an example to the world.


Now when you have these 10 reasons, you can google for more. But of course whatever you find we will have a lot to show, a lot to tell since the history and culture of thousands of years can not be presented in a single topic.