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Nature and Landscape

Nature and Landscape

Despite of being a very small country Armenia has a very rich nature and a wildlife. It only covers an area of 28,900 sq. km. The country is full of mountains and stones; this is the reason why Armenia is often called “the country of stones/rocks.”

There are around 12,000 animal types in the region of Armenia and some of them are highly typical to the country. Moreover, there is more than 3200 varieties of vegetation growing in the region and around 120 of them specifically in Armenia. Armenia’s latitude is the same as that of Spain, Greece, and Italy. Armenia’s climate has a very diverse range. In the capital of the country, the climate is quite dry and with hot summers and relatively cold winters.

The climate, of course, is slightly different in the regions and mountainous areas. In Yerevan, the average temperature in the summer is usually +25 °C, while in winter it is -5°C. The regions experience a slightly colder temperature in the winter and chillier in the summer. Overall, Armenia is considered a sunny country and one can enjoy the rays of sunshine even in winter on some days. Armenia is rich in mountains and lakes spread all over the territory of the country.

There are more than 100 mountain lakes in the region of Armenia. The biggest and most famous lake that is often compared to a sea is Sevan. It is situated at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level.

The forests of the country cover only the 13% of the territory including oak, hornbeam, maple, plane, and ash. Some of the forests to visit are Dilijan National Park and Khosrov Forest State Reserve, where one can experience not only the beauty and the exclusivity of the green and the nature of the country but also familiarize himself/herself with the endangered species of the animal life in Armenia.

Thus, the fauna of the country includes many rare and endangered species of animals, such as roar, Syrian bear, bezoar goat, mouflon, lynx, roe deer and many unique types of birds, such as woodcock, Robin, horned lark, mountain turkey, sparrow, etc.