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Here we have collected the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding traveling to Armenia. If you do not find the necessary information, please contact us using the "Contact Us" section.

Visa Regulation

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What is The Best Time to Travel to Armenia?

The best season for visiting Armenia and getting the chance to experience its full beauty is from April to October. What concerns the weather, it is quite hot in Armenia during summer with a temperature ranging from 28 – 35 °C and above.

What is the weather like in Armenia?

Armenia’s climate is very unique and distinct due to many factors. The summers in Armenia can be very hot with a temperature ranging from 28-35° C (83-95° F) and the winters are moderately cold, with a temperature ranging from 5-7° C (23 to 19° F). Rains are not very common in Armenia and as a result the humidity in the air is quite low. All of this is due to the fact that the country is located in the mountains and has a very small portion that is located below 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) above sea level. The temperature in regions is usually slightly lower than in Yerevan, so while traveling to areas in the regions it is better to pack a few warmer clothes than what you are already wearing.

What Money Should You Take With You in Armenia?

You can easily bring cash in Rubles, euros or dollars. The money exchange stops are very easy to find. It is also important to have some small denominations on you, such as 1,000 drams and/or some coins, they come in handy when using transport buying water or something else especially in the regions and small towns.

What is the Exchange Rate in Armenia?

The current exchange rate for dollar and dram is approximately the following: 1 USD = 483 AMD (Armenian Dram), 1 EUR = 553 EUR.

1000 AMD = 2.08 USD; 5,000 AMD = 10.41 USD; 10,000 AMD = 20.81 USD; 20,000 AMD = 41.62 USD; 50,000 AMD = 104.06 USD; 100,000 AMD = 208.12 USD

1000 AMD = 1.8 EUR; 5,000 AMD = 9.04 EUR; 10,000 AMD = 18.08 EUR; 20,000 AMD = 36.16 EUR; 50,000 AMD = 90.41 EUR; 100,000 AMD = 180.83 EUR

What is the Currency in Armenia?

The national currency of Armenia is ‘dram,’ which is a word from the 12 century with Greek origin meaning ‘money’. Dram was actually first issued in 1993. There are both coin denominations and banknotes. The coin denominations come in 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 coins. The banknotes exist in the following denominations: 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 50,000 and 100,000.

How Can You Get To Yerevan From the Airport and How Much Will it Cost?

Once you are out of the airport, there are going to be many taxis around. It is important to know the average cost, in order not to be fooled by some taxi drivers and pay more. The cost is usually from 2,000 AMD to 3000 AMD, which is around 4-6 USD.

How Much Should You Tip in Armenia?

Whether you should tip or not in restaurants or cafes is absolutely up to you. You can tip the waiters in restaurants or cafes, taxi drivers or hotel doormen and bellhops, of course when you are completely satisfies with the service. The amount of tips in Armenia ranges from 5-10%, but for the most part it is still up to you how much to tip.

What to Do If My Money or Passport Get Stolen?

The possibility of having your passport or money stolen in Armenia is not very high. However in case of them getting lost or stolen it is important to know what people to contact to have your issue solved. If you have lost your passport or you think it was stolen, be sure to immediately contact your embassy here in Armenia in order to get you a new one, or track down in case someone else is using it. If you lose money or get it stolen immediately report to the police. You can even approach the police officers in blue berets in the streets. If you’re in a village and you lose your money or get it stolen talk to the village mayor first.

How Can You Get Your Phone Working in Armenia?

If you have a GSM phone, you can easily visit one of the offices of the three main phone operators in Armenia (Beeline, Vicacell and Ucom) and get yourself a SIM card. Another option is to get a phone along with the card. Note that you can easily find very cheap phones to make and receive calls and messages in any of the stores/offices of these operators.

Are Armenians Tolerant Toward Minorities?

Armenians, as already mentioned are very hospitable, which ultimately makes them quite welcoming and nice towards minorities as well. You can find yourself being welcomed by most of them and usually travel to Armenia with a peace of mind.

Are There Any Things That One Should Avoid While Visiting Armenia

There are many activities or clothing to avoid while visiting Armenia, however it is important to be aware of some cultural habits and/or traditions among Armenians. Armenians being a very hospitable nation might offer you food or drinks, as gifts and as signs of friendship and/or a warm welcome. It is better to not reject these things to avoid hurting the feeling of the person offering them. Armenia is still a relatively conservative country with some stereotypes and prejudices, so while visiting regions, it would simply be better to avoid clothing that might be too revealing or eye-catching.

Is it True that Armenians Stare a Lot?

The staring in Armenia has toned down quite a bit, especially in the last few years. In Yerevan, you will not find yourself stared at by the locals as much. In regions, however people still do stare quite a bit. The staring in Armenia however, is mostly harmless and is simply out of curiosity and observance. The locals that aren’t used to seeing people that dress or look slightly or maybe very different from them have a tendency to stare the most. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable from that, since it doesn’t involve any negativity.

Do People Speak English in Armenia?

You can easily find people (mostly youth) in Yerevan that speak English more or less. In regions and other cities it is indeed harder to find people who understand and speak English. A good tip for travelers would either be to approach someone and say “English” or “angleren,” so that at least they can help you find an English-speaking person.

Are the Roads Safe in Armenia?

Roads in Armenia can vary depending on their location. The roads in the main cities, such as Yerevan, Gyumri, Stepanakert are safe and in good condition. The highways that are connecting these major cities and locations are quite safe too. When it comes to other roads, especially the ones that are connecting small villages, these are definitely not in the best conditions; however, most of them are still safe for driving.

Do You Need Any Special Vaccinations to Travel to Armenia

No, you do not need any special vaccination in order to be able to visit Armenia.

Am I Going to Get “Ripped Off” As a Foreigner

The prices of everything in Armenia, especially for foreigners are quite affordable and low. However, it is important to be careful and cautions in certain situations to avoid being “ripped off” or spending extra money. When it comes to taxis, you should always get one with a meter counter, so that the driver doesn’t fool you for a higher price. Other than that, you usually won’t become a victim of being swindled out of money.

Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in Armenia?

Tap water in Armenia is mostly very safe to drink. Armenian water in general is one of the most delicious (yes, in Armenia water can be tasty) waters in the world. There are also water fountains (tsaitaghbiur) in the streets, where you can have some fresh and delicious water for free. It is important to note that every food and liquid, especially water have different bacteria in different countries, so if you have a tendency to have an upset stomach, it is rather important to be careful and take over the counter medicine from pharmacies, in case of such issues.

Can you get food poisoning in Armenia?

You can get food poisoning pretty much in every country. Usually there are strict rules about following the quality of the food, expiration dates, freshness, preparation conditions, etc. When it comes to your own concerns about the food that you’re consuming in Armenia, it would be best to simply ask about the conditions and the freshness of the food that you’re ordering or buy in stores or in restaurants. Either way, it is better to be safe and avoid certain foods, such as raw meat (sushi, Armenian tartare), especially in hot weather. The fruits and vegetable in Armenia are usually always fresh and have the best taste.

Is Armenia Safe to Visit?

Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world not only for locals, but also for foreigners. Armenians have a strong sense of safety and dignity when it comes to their communities, neighborhoods and families. One can easily walk in the streets of Yerevan (the capital) or any other city with a peace of mind and safety.


Is Armenia a Third-World Country?

Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world. Armenians have a very strong sense of honor and community. To do anything dishonorable would bring shame not only upon the individual, but also upon his or her family and friends, and these ties are often the foundation of a generally safe environment throughout the country.

What Happens If I Get Sick In Armenia?

There is no guarantee that you will not get sick while visiting a country; this refers to all countries and Armenia is not an exception.  If you are someone who is taking special medication, don’t forget to take it with you. In case of allergies, or possible stomach or digestive issues you can easily go to a near pharmacy and ask for over the counter medicine from the pharmacists themselves. These medications are usually easily available and usually manage to solve common health issues. In case of emergencies, it is important to call 911, or if you are unable to ask some of the locals to do so (you will probably not get rejected, since Armenians are very kind and helpful, even to the strangers). You can also take a cab/taxi and ask them to take you to the hospital by saying the word “heevandanoc” or “gospital.” Medical services and medicine in Armenia is usually quite affordable and you shouldn’t hesitate using these services if you’re worries about the cost.

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