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Have you heard about “Symphony of Stones” in Armenia ?

Armenia is a small country with a vast number of mysterious natural wonders.

One of the most peculiar places to visit is Garni Gorge  as these mesmerizing location is  abundant with the touristic attractions. One should visit a very unique natural phenomena that inspires many tourists and locals to travel here. It bears a beautiful, yet somewhat strange name- “Symphony of Stones”.


Is there any music?

In fact, the Symphony of Stones  represents surprisingly symmetric 50 meters high(!) hexagon and pentagon columns hanging down from the gorge. The “stones” are actually pieces of frozen lava transformed into basalt. The natural monument resembles a musical instrument- organ, that is why the place is also known as “Basalt Organ”. Add to this the burble of Azat river, and there you have it- a Symphony of Stones.   All in all, this is such an amazing place and people often debate whether it is natural or human made.


What other sightseeing locations are there?

It will take you some 60-90 min to get from Yerevan to Symphony of Stones on a taxi (60 min to get to Garni and 30 min to get to Symphony of Stones). Great news! It won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Since the Symphony  is situated in the vicinity of famous Garni Attractions, you may use the time wisely and visit the Temple of Garni , which is an ancient pagan monument- one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Most visitors to Garni also choose to take a look at the Geghard village nearby to observe an ancient rock-cut Apostolic Church. Visiting both sites in one trip is so common that they are often referred to in unison as Garni-Geghard.


Armenia itself is a symphony of various colors, natural beauties. Thus these eye-catching location is just a perfect addition to the collection of exquisite uniqueness of our land.