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Average Amount to Spend on Meals While Visiting Yerevan (Hint: It’s Cheap!)

Whether you are a fan of traditional barbeque, pasta, or just a croissant with latte, Yerevan has got all your options covered! With a very friendly budget, enjoy some of the most delicious meals in this dynamic and cosmopolitan city in the heart of Armenia. 

Is Yerevan a cheap city? 

The short answer is yes. Yerevan is affordable and dining at restaurants and going out for drinks has become a huge part of living in the city. People go out with friends and family members. They attend wine-tastings, concerts, or simply treat themselves on a Friday night: the city really accommodates everyone. If you are new to Yerevan and are interested what to eat on a friendly budget, you have clicked on the right content.

Traditional Food 

Tavern Yerevan

Yerevan Pandok or Tavern Yerevan is one of the most famous restaurant chains in the city. Most of their menu items include traditional Armenian food such as Khorovats (Armenian word for barbeque), Dolma (grape leaves with beef) or Kebab with beef, chicken or even lamb. 

The average to spend in this restaurant is 4000 AMD ($8 or €7) for a hearty meal. Tip: try their pork barbeque, you will not regret it. 


With the rise of repatriation from the diaspora communities all over the world, the food has never been so diverse in Yerevan. One of these restaurants is Anteb with Western Armenian cuisine. Treat yourself with some hummus, fattoush salad with fresh herbs and pita chips, lahmajoon with beef or even the one meter kebab! 

The average to spend in this restaurant is 3000 AMD ($6 or €5). If you are with a group, it is more convenient to order different dishes and try a little bit of each. 

If You’re Looking for Something More Familiar 


Besides having some of the best variety of craft beer in the city, Dargett has become a favorite place to eat for a lot of expats and gradually also locals. From Mac’n’Cheese to Sandwiches to Chicken Wings, you will definitely find quite international food in the menu regardless of where you come from. 

The average meal should cost you about 2000 AMD and another 1000 AMD if you get a beer, which you should (overall $6 or €5). Tip: If you are with a group, order the Large Sausage Platter - definitely a hit! 

The Italian

Yes, you heard it - the food here is mostly from the Italian cuisine and it is really good. This place honestly does not have anything you should not try - starting from great pasta to the thin crusted fresh pizza, the Italian also has to offer some of the best coffee in the city.
The average meal should cost you about 3000-3500 AMD ($6-7 or €5-6)


If you like seafood and think are missing out by visiting a country that doesn’t have access to the sea, luckily, you are wrong. Asador is an excellent steak, crab and fish restaurant that serves fresh products in any season of the year. Whatever you choose though, don’t forget to pair it with some good wine for a top notch experience.

Given the products it offers, this restaurant is slightly on the pricier side - on average you can expect to spend 6000-7000 AMD ($13 or €12) but the experience is worth it. 

Bonus: Still Got Room For Dessert? 

Congratulations! You have tasted all the fresh salads, barbeque, pizza, and are now looking for that sweet addition.

Louis Charden

Though there are other items in the menu, Louis Charden is definitely the best at making the lightest and most delicate variety of French croissants in their bakery. When you enter, the smell of freshly baked goods convince you to try at least one of them. The croissant melts in your mouth, wrapping up (or maybe even starting) your day in the best way possible. 

The best part is you can only spend 1000-1500 AMD for the dessert and should be good to go. ($3 or €2).
Regardless of when you visit Yerevan, the city will always have its arms open - ready to take you in and blend with the warmest people who will make you feel like home. The good food is that nice addition that will make your trip even more special! 

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