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Sevan-one of the largest lakes in Caucasus

One of the most beloved national prides is Sevan - the biggest lake in Armenia and one among others in the Caucasus. As summer holidays are coming up, consider visiting this beautiful area, surrounded by mountains and Sevanavank monastery.

Where to Go 

With the altitude of 1900 meters above the sea level, Lake Sevan distance from Yerevan is only about one hour. This makes it a perfect option for a day or a weekend trip. Considering the massive size of the lake, there are lots of beaches, most of which include hotels and restaurants as well. With the initiative of the Ministry of Nature Protection, there have also been built a few public beaches, where all sorts of services are free, except for the food.

What to See

Besides going to the beach, enjoying the warm sand and the breathtaking views all around, make sure to visit Sevanavank. At first the monastery was built on a southern shore but the lake was once artificially drained during the Soviet times and the water level fell about 20 meters. Now, the area has transformed to a peninsula and the monastery is at the northwestern shore of Lake Sevan. As the infrastructure is well developed for people to reach the peninsula, it is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Armenia.

Built in the 9th century, there are two churches in the complex - Surb Arakelots and Surb Astvatsastin, along with the ruins of gavit. Both churches are structured in a shape of a cross, with octagonal tambours. Built with black tuff, hence the name “Black Church” in Armenian, the monastery also served of great historical importance during battles and wars in the middle ages and beyond.

What to Eat

One of Sevan’s endemic species is the Sevan trout (ishkhan in Armenian). Armenians love making trout in many different forms - from boiling it to making the perfect ishkhan barbeque.

The lake also includes other species, such as crayfish and whitefish (sig) - the latter is considered the most widely consumed fish in the country. With its popularity, there come many different dishes people make with it and being a Sevan special, sig should definitely be in your list of must-try food in Armenia.

To eat in the area, check out some of Sevan Lake Restaurants.

Though it is very common to try the fish in these places, you can surely try other delicious components in the menu as well.

Whether you are in Armenia for the summer, or any other season of the year, visiting Lake Sevan is always worth it. The area will welcome you not only with beaches and the famous monastery but also with good food and wonderful nature all around. Book your adventures with Caucasus Holidays today!