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If you are in Armenia these are the must to see places.

Top places to see in Armenia

Noravank Monastery
Noravank Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries not only in Armenia, but also in the world.
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Khor Virap
Khor Virap Monastery located in the province of Ararat has become one of the most important attractions in Armenia.
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Vernissage is one of the most interesting places to take a look at while visiting Armenia.
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Signing Fountains
The singing fountains located in the Republic Square of Yerevan are a fun and relaxing attraction right in the heart of the city.
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Opera & Ballet Theatre
The Opera and Ballet Theatre of Armenia is one of the highlights of Armenian architecture.
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Erebuni Fortress
Erebuni Fortress, also known as Arin Berd, was founded in 782 BC by the king of Urartian Armenia Argishti I.
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