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If you are in Armenia these are the must to see places.

Top places to see in Armenia

Cascade Open Air Museum
The great Cascade is one of the most interesting sightseeings in Yerevan.
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Tsitsernakaberd & Genocide Museum
Tsitsernakaberd is a monument dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. It is one of the most important monuments in Armenia, depicting the tragic past, the history of the Armenian nation.
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Sergey Parajanov Museum
Sergey Parajanov is one of the most prominent individuals contributing in the development of the Armenian cinema and the movie industry in general.
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National Gallery
The State Picture gallery of Armenia is also located in the Republic Square in the same building as the History Museum.
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History Museum
The History Museum of Armenia located in the Republic Square of Yerevan is a very important historical monument, founded in 1920.
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Matenadaran is the world’s largest storage that contains ancient manuscripts from not only Armenia, but also the world.
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