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Yerevan Jazz Festival | Armenian Jazz Days
Jazz as a music genre is quite popular in Armenia, and Armenian jazz bands are very much appreciated for their work. Live jazz performance events are organized all year around in different venues. The culmination of all such events, however, is the Yerevan Jazz Festival! Every year, the capital of Armenia hosts the most expected event of the year for jazz lovers.
What is unique about Armenian sacred architecture?
For such a small country, Armenia has countless examples of breathtaking architecture, each distinctive and different from one another. The country has been around since the beginning of time, and it is fascinating to see the changes in Armenian architecture throughout the centuries. Welcome to the wonderful mix of the old and the new!
Haghartsin Monastery - where you can heal your soul
Need to find peace and heal yourself in the quiet? Not too far from the town of Dilijan, Haghartsin is a must place to visit. It is one of Armenia’s most famous monasteries, where amazing nature and the beautiful architecture combine perfectly.
Why is Gyumri Called the Cultural Capital of Armenia?
Interested in discovering old buildings, finding history on every corner of the streets and visiting museums that tell countless stories? Go to Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia, also known as the country’s cultural capital. Here is why Gyumri proudly wears this important title and why it should be on your list to visit, when in Armenia
Wings of Tatev - Longest Non-Stop Cable Car
Armenia is a country of beautiful mountains. And to admire the view, you can go on a road trip, go on a zipline...or take the longest non-stop cable car in the world! Located in Syunik region, this 5.7 km cableway will show you the best of Tatev Monastery, Syunik landscapes and so much more.