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10 reasons to travel to Armenia in winter holidays
Almost all of us are waiting for the end of the year, as it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And of course, it’s the best time to relax, to celebrate Christmas and New Year with family and to start the new year with a new page. If you want to discover a new country during this period, then Armenia will pleasantly surprise you.
Exploring Yerevan in January
Winter is usually associated with cozy evenings, reading books, watching TV and waiting for Christmas magic. But wait, what about breaking the stereotypes? Yes, it’s time to make winter the period of new discoveries and exploration of non-standard travel destinations. What about visiting Armenia?
Tourism in Armenia
Today, tourism is considered one of the priority segments for the Armenian government and the number of tourists increases each year. From expeditions to ancient monasteries and gastronomic tours to the rides on the longest ropeway and funny midnight adventures on the zip line - Armenia has a lot to offer its visitors.
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