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Yerevan - a perfect city for night walks
If you plan to visit Armenia, you are most likely to enjoy your stay in the capital of the country- Yerevan. This is one of the coziest and oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.
Have you heard about “Symphony of Stones” in Armenia ?
The Symphony of Stones represents surprisingly symmetric 50 meters high(!) hexagon and pentagon columns hanging down from the gorge. The “stones” are actually pieces of frozen lava transformed into basalt.
Birdwatching in Armenia: The most unique and “vocal” experience for a traveler
Birdwatching is one of the most unique activities travelers can experience since there are various birding tours in Armenia , organized on a regular basis.Unspoiled and somehow uncultivated, the country has always been a geographical bridge between Europe and Asia which makes it one of the greatest birding travel spots.
Armenia - the Hidden Treasure for Adventure Travelers
If you are looking for the perfect destination to spend quality time by actively resting, Armenia is your go-to country. Here are some of the best options to plan your adventurous trip in Armenia.
Hiking Mount Aragats: 5 facts you should know
Hiking Mount Aragats may become one of the best memories you’ll cherish after leaving Armenia. We have gathered some facts and figures in favor of making that move and hiking Aragats.