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Sevan-one of the largest lakes in Caucasus
One of the most beloved national prides is Sevan - the biggest lake in Armenia and one among others in the Caucasus. As summer holidays are coming up, consider visiting this beautiful area, surrounded by mountains and Sevanavank monastery.
Is Armenia in Europe or Asia?
Armenia is a country that is ancient but modern, small in size but rich in history, and finally, stands in what can be considered a transit spot between Europe and Asia.
Easter celebration in Armenia 2019
Easter in Armenia is one of the most exciting and colorful holidays. From egg fights to reviving the Christian roots of the event, Easter celebrations are fascinating in the country. The main holiday of the spring season is upon us!
Yerevan Beer Festival | Armenian Festivals and events
Armenians love feasts and celebrations, and they don’t miss out the chance to have as much fun as they can! If you are in Yerevan during summer, be sure to attend the Beer Festival. Organized by the Yerevan municipality, this event has gradually become a big deal and people look forward to it every year.
Festivals You Should Not Miss, When in Armenia
Holidays and festivals in Armenia are a big deal. They are not only celebrated by the locals but they also attract many visitors around the world. From film festivals to celebrating national pastries and wine, Armenia has a fun celebration in store for every season.