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5 Must Go Cities in Armenia Outside the Capital
Even though the capital Yerevan is the most populous place in Armenia with many attractions, Armenia has a lot more to offer. From the center of culture to the home of many churches, here are the 5 must go cities in Armenia that are outside the capital.
10 Things You Should Know if You Are a Guest in an Armenian Family
If you are in Armenia, it is very likely that people will invite you to their household. This is an accepted tradition because Armenians love to talk to others and tell them about their homeland. So, what should you know if you are guest in an Armenian family?
Where Should You Go Hiking in Armenia?
If you are in a search to hike to adventurous trails and see gorgeous scenery look no further than Armenia. For such a small country, Armenia can offer you very diverse nature in each region and you can go on a hike to a mountain, to a fortress, a beautiful lake and so many more places! Here’s a list of some of the most popular hiking treks in Armenia.
Khachkar: Traditional Art type in Armenia
There are a number of symbols that represent Armenia’s rich culture and one of them, called khachkar, is absolutely unique. Khachkar means cross-stone, if translated literally - khach means cross and kar means stone. So, how did it evolve and what is so special about khachkars anyway?
Tsaghkadzor: Winter Wonderland
Be it a hot summer day or cold freezing winter Armenia always has something to offer. Tsaghkadzor that is mostly known as a resort town, can be a real treat if you are into skiing. The town is in a mild climate, nice enough to stay in for a cup of warm tea and cold enough to get the best skiing experience. So, what should you try, when in Tsaghkadzor?