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Eat, Pray and Love in Armenia
Kudos to you, if you caught the title reference of the famous book and the movie! So, what does it really mean to eat, pray and love in Armenia? As a country proudly serving all kinds of delicious food, Armenia has a lot to offer for every taste. As the first nation to adopt Christianity as our official religion, it should also not come in as a surprise that the country has countless ancient churches that both visitors and locals admire.
All You Need to Know About Wine Festivals in Armenia
Armenia can be considered the cradle of winemaking. According to the legend, after the Great Flood, Noah planted the first grapevine in Armenia. It goes without saying, that the Armenians are fond of wine, and wine is an inseparable part of every Armenian feast and party. Recently, more and more events evolve around winemaking and attract foreigners from all over the world. Two festivals especially have become an annual tradition: Yerevan Wine Days and Areni Wine Festival.
All About Armenian Bread
It is obvious that bread is a staple to any kitchen in any country of the world. Armenians especially love having bread with any of their meals and even just eat it by itself. So, what are the traditional bread types in Armenia and which ones should you give a try?
Average Amount to Spend on Meals While Visiting Yerevan (Hint: It’s Cheap!)
Whether you are a fan of traditional barbeque, pasta, or just a croissant with latte, Yerevan has got all your options covered! With a very friendly budget, enjoy some of the most delicious meals in this dynamic and cosmopolitan city in the heart of Armenia.
Things to do in Armenia at Christmas
Well, the year comes to an end and as they say “Christmas time is here, Happiness and cheer”. Christmas is the time of family, friends, love, kindness, dreams and of course magic. If you are in the search of Christmas magic, then Armenia is the right place to visit. The Armenians celebrate Christmas on the 6th of January, hence Christmas holidays start from the 31st of December (New Year’s Eve) and last till the 6th of January.